Resident Support Programme

Tuesday 6th May 2014

Creation's resident support programme offers in-depth one to one support to the most vulnerable residents on the estate. Vulnerable can mean anything from very elderly, people with disabilities, mental health issues, people with complex family arrangements; sometimes it is the regeneration process itself that makes people vulnerable.

We have one full time worker, Dambile Nkunika and a parttime casewoker Natasha Beattie.


If you have an issue you would like to discuss contact 0207 7038923

The programme runs schemes such as:- 

Assisted Bidding A lot of the people they are working with do not use the internet, all bidding now takes place online. We deliver a paper print out every week of the housing list, so people can go through it, we then call them the next day to see if they like anything and put the bid on for them. We now also have tablets so people can bid in their homes.

We also do assisted viewings, even though people might bring family with them, they talk about how they like an extra pair of eyes.

They also offer benefit support, family intervention, mediating with the council particularly regarding the state of properties, helped referrals, arranging transport home from hospital appointment regarding substance abuse, immigration etc.. Lots of issues that come up as a result of having to move, so we offer as much comfort and support as possible.

The programme is generously funded by L&Q.