Tuesday 29th January 2019


The regeneration of the Aylesbury estate is something that people have been talking about for decades! Creation Trust is dedicated to making sure that residents living on the Aylesbury estate receive the benefits of the regeneration of the area.

Creation Trust works closely with Southwark Council and other partners such as the building developers and Housing Associations, to ensure that the plans for the re-development are in line with the principles of the Aylesbury Area Action Plan (AAAP). The AAAP is the planning document for the area and sets out the minimum requirements that local people have asked for when the estate is rebuilt. 

The estate will be rebuilt in partnership with Notting Hill Housing and Southwark Council. The partnership is committed to delivering 3,500 new homes, 50% of which will be affordable homes, 75% of which will be for social rent and 25% for shared ownership or equity. A minimum of 30% across all tenures will have three bedrooms or more. In line with the Aylesbury Action Plan, there will be a net increase in homes from 2,400 to 4,200.

Construction of the new homes has already begun, but the entire regeneration project is expected to be finished in 2032. Some parts of the regeneration have already been completed, these are at the top of Albany Road and Westmorland Road delivered by London and Quadrant Housing. This is 261 new homes and the Southwark Resource Centre. On site 7, the north east corner next to East street, L&Q are currently building 147 new homes.

When we talk to residents living on the Aylesbury estate, about the regeneration, the most common questions are – when will happen and what support is there for me and my family?  We have tried to keep you up to date through the Echo, but the problem is the regeneration is complicated and things do change. 

Why does it take so long?

There are three major reasons; getting planning permission for the new buildings, rehousing everyone and finding satisfactory arrangements with leaseholders and that's just the local issues. Throw in global economic crashes, changes of governments and the like and it's even longer!  It is worth saying that the Aylesbury estate is one of the largest regeneration schemes in the UK. This is a massive estate - the size of a small town!

When will I move?

The big question that everyone wants to know and the hardest to answer as it depends on so many factors. It is hard to give an exact timetable, because planning permission can be refused or people take longer to find new homes than previously expected.

From the work that Creation does, we see a lot of people working hard to ensure that are as few delays as possible and provide as much certainly for residents as possible. The date you move depends on which phase of the regeneration you are in, the earlier the phase, the more certain the dates. 

What Phase am I in?

A general guide to the phasing is: Phase 1 top of Westmoreland and Albany road. This is also known as the First development site or FDS!  Any buildings on the Wendover side of Thurlow Street are in Phase 2, Phase 3 is Taplow and Northchurch and anything else is Phase 4. 

What support is out there?

Secure tenants - If you are living on Phase 2 you will now be in Band one and able to bid for a new home. The majority of secure tenants on Phase 2 have now found new homes. If you need help with finding a new home, you should contact your Housing Officer or Creation Trust can help you with your bidding call 02077038923.

If you live on Phase 3, you should also be in Band 1 for bidding, so if you want to move quickly, you have the opportunity to do so. If not you can stay where you are for the while.

Phase 4 – business as usual for you. The Council has not ‘activated’ this phase, so that means you do not have to do anything at this time. There is no fixed date for these tenants, but the Council is hoping to be able to give you a timetable soon.

I’m a leaseholder what help is there for me?

The situation for leaseholders is complex as you will be negotiating about the value of your home with the council who will want to buy it from you. You will be entering into a negotiation with the council, so it is important you have the right advice from professionals including a surveyor and solicitor.  If you are concerned about where you can afford to live, depending on when you purchased your property, you could apply for re-housing assistance. It is really important that you keep communicating with the Council and go through the process of the financial assessments to see what you will be offered. Creation has a dedicated website for leaseholders with lots of useful information

Are any of the new homes for people who live on the Aylesbury estate?

Some former Aylesbury residents have already moved into the new L&Q builds on Harvard Gardens and at Westmorland Road. At the beginning of the regen, the Aylesbury estate had 2758 in total that was 2,402 homes being rented and 356 homes had been sold under right to buy. The total redevelopment will see almost 4000 homes being built.

L&Q has already built 261 new homes on site 1a and 147 homes on site 7. NHHG will build 3,500 homes over all – which is 50% affordable homes (which covers shared ownership, shared equity and social rented) of these 75% of the homes will be a social rent. Notting Hill Genesis, will have 1,323 units at social rent and 1,773 for private sale. A further 479 homes will be offered on a shared ownership basis. The numbers may vary with subsequent planning permissions as the development progresses.  

Where to go for help 

If all this is still confusing you, you can visit us in The Cabin or Giraffe House at anytime or call 0207 7038923

To find out the latest news from Southwark Council about the regeneration of the estate, click here. 

To find out more information about Notting Hill's plans for the future of the estate click here.

If you are a leaseholder or freeholder on the estate, Creation Trust has set up a dedicated website just for you, this can be found at