Wednesday 1st June 2016

We know that leaseholders will have lots of questions about the regeneration so Creation Trust has developed a website especially for you.

Up to date information, details of recommended surveyors and solicitors, the latest valuations news and an explanation of the Council’s re-housing process can all be found at

We hold regular events for resident leaseholders, to keep them updated about the most recenet developments.

The next meeting will be after the outcome CPO hearing is published.

Bradenham,  Arklow, Chiltern and Chartridge

Are almost empty and the site is intended for demolition in soon. Leaseholders should be liaising with for valuations and or for re-housing options. 

The outcomes of the Upper Chamber and the Lands Tribunal of May 2014 can be accessed at  The council Compulsory Purchase Order hearing took place in October 2015. The outcome of the hearing is expected in May 2016.

 If you need advice you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau who hold drop in sessions on Tuesdays at Creations office between 10am and 4pm on 0207 703 8923

Right to Buy

If you are considering exercising your Right to Buy from the Council on the Aylesbury estate, there are a few things that you need to be aware of.

We have prepared the following presentation for anyone thinking of taking up the Right To Buy, we would ask you to read through this information carefully, and always seek independent legal advice.

Phase 4 Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware

Early Buy Backs
The Council approved 35 out of phase buy backs in June 2013 the deadline for applications was the 20th of June 2013. Over 30 people sold their property back to the council under this scheme in 2013-14. The scheme is currently closed, however, we highly recommend that if you wish to sell your property you contact the council as they are interested in buying all properties back. 

You can do this through the regeneration team or home ownership team. 

Development  Partner
The first two phases have been developed by L&Q. The Council approved appointing one development partner for the rest of the estate. In April 2014 NOTTING HILL HOUSING TRUST were appointed. The current phase for development includes 1 – 240, 241-471 WENDOVER, Padbury, Ravenstone, Winslow, Foxcote and 59-67 Northchurch.  These blocks are now ACTIVE and all residents are now registered with the housing team and are moving to their new homes.  If you are a leaseholder on any of these blocks you should have received a valuation for your property.