Put it on the map

Wednesday 30th January 2019

Put it on the map

Have you ever wondered how streets get their names? Creation Trust secured funding from the Heritage Lottery to work with residents to research the history of Walworth, and identify people who deserve to remembered in new street names and building names. So that when the estate is rebuilt, the street and block names will be named after important people and events from the area. The current Aylesbury Estate was named after areas in Buckinghamshire that have no connection with the local history.

The first 40 homes in the regeneration were called Hitard Court. Hitard was the court jester of Anglo-Saxon King, Edmund, from 934 to 946, who liked the jester so much he gave the area to him as a gift.

Other names that have been used so far are Arments Court, named after the local pie and mash shop, John Crane Street, local GP and Arsenal and England Doctor, Roffo Court after the Roffo family who supplied ice cream for years on East Street Market.

We ran trips to the local history library, held talks and exhibitions and trained people to conduct their own research and asking people to delve into their own personal archives. The top 30 stories were made into short films.

To view the films visit www.putitonthemap.org