Wednesday 26th November 2014

The XL-R8 Community Bus Project has been at the heart of XLP’s community work for the past eight years. Children and young people have a place to get teaching and advice, educational support and a sympathetic ear along with access to computers, games consoles, music studio, chill out space, arts and crafts areas. Traveling to 14 estates each week, the 2 double-decker buses provide hundreds of children and young people with a safe place to engage in positive activities and learn outside of school hours.

The buses are equipped with laptops and internet to provide a homework space for those with no IT access at home, as well as games consoles, arts and crafts materials and an area to sit and chat. On each estate the project is run by experienced staff who serve as great role-models to the young people. XLP understands the importance of consistency in the lives of young people, and so invests in communities for the long-haul, with a strong emphasis on building relationships with young people and families.

Tuesday Bus @ Ayelsbury Estate: 3:30pm - 5:30pm