Hip-Hop Dance at the Blue Elephant Theatre

Monday 26th February 2018

Hip-Hop Dance at the Blue Elephant Theatre

Blue Elephant Theatre is hosting a hip-hop dance theatre performance that uses spoken word to explore themes of motherhood and adolescence. Wed 21st – Sat 24th March

A contemporary hip-hop dance theatre performance about many kinds of love, The Glorious Tour is a female-led exposé of the heightened emotions surrounding motherhood, adolescence, growing up and letting go. Join Roni and Mia as they take us on a journey through family, personal identity, 90s R&B slo-jams, birthday cakes, flavoured condoms and first adventures in sex, love and death through dance and spoken word.

Fly No Filter combines dance, creative writing, spoken word and the subversive culture of hip-hop to create arresting, physical, narrative dance theatre.

Dates: Wed 21st – Sat 24th March

Time: 8.00pm

Prices: £10.00

£9.00 Concessions

£7.50 Southwark Residents

For more information, check out our website: www.blueelephanttheatre.co.uk/glorious-tour